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By Ariadna Guevara and Catherine Wood. The US has decided to invest in itself. Will the 1.2 trillion dollar INVEST in America Act be enough? Americans

In October, the Pandora Papers revealed the lengths politicians, business leaders, and celebrities have gone to in their quest to conceal their wealth. Here, we discuss

This year’s Forum 2000 conference was held in Prague, as well as online, from October 10–12, 2021, and focused on the topic, ‘What Now? Building Back

     The absolute invisibility of the effects of armed conflict on women and girls, plus their discrimination in all the post-conflict stages was a steady

A new line of European case law adopted by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) holds the promise that the Commission will be more capable of

While Europe has been attentively following the outcome of Germany’s elections, Europe and foreign policy in general has played little to no role in the German

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