European Waves


Find out more about all those who made European Waves possible

Cláudia Coelho

(2019-2021, Prague-Leiden-Barcelona)

  Being a Law graduate from Portugal, I soon discovered I was not fascinated by national Law, only. My one year Erasmus exchange in Italy opened new doors to me, making me realise that, if it wasn’t for the EU as an utopian project, I wouldn’t be able to travel, learn languages and engage with all the life-long friends I made abroad. And so, I decided that I would like to take my knowledge of national law one step ahead: by enrolling in an Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Degree, I would be able to keep studying in the areas I am passionate about, but while being taught by professors and peers with the most diverse multicultural backgrounds, and at top European Universities!

Covadonga Solares

(2020-2022, Prague-Leiden-Krakow)

As I was undecided as to what I was the most passionate about, I chose to study a double bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Journalism in Madrid, Spain. After I spent a year abroad studying in Chicago, Illinois, I knew that I didn’t want to settle down and I wanted to explore as much of Europe as I could, so EPS seemed like the perfect fit for me. If I’m not on the road, exploring a new country, you’ll probably find me in the kitchen or reading a good book in bed.

Esther Eumann

(2020-2022, Prague-Krakow-Leiden)

After finishing my BA at the University of Amsterdam with my major in Eastern European Studies, I was super excited to actually live in the beautiful Central Eastern European cities Prague and Krakow! I love reading novels, cooking and baking amazing cakes for my housemates. For European Waves I write articles and I am also part of the editing and communications team. 

Gergő Illés

(2020-2022, Prague-Leiden-Krakow)

Previously studying International Relations at Corvinus University of Budapest, I chose the EPS Programme because of its strong focus on Central Europe. I am a big fan of the V4 countries and a big fan of railways, so it goes without saying that I am researching railway policies in Central Europe right now. Having worked as a journalist in Hungary, I help with running the socials and writing articles for European Waves.

Jorge Manso García

(2020-2022, Prague-Krakow-Leiden)

After obtaining my BA in international relations at the Complutense University of Madrid without taking off my headphones, I decided to specialise in European politics. And what better way to do this than by gaining as many perspectives as possible. Besides music, I also love reading and basketball. I write articles for European Waves and help out with the website.

Josh Payne

(2020-2022, Prague-Krakow-Leiden)

After finishing my Honours BA in History and Politics at the University of Nottingham, I really wanted to continue my studies on the Continent with a focus on European Politics. I love spontaneous travelling (once Covid will make that possible for me again!), cooking Shakshuka every day and complaining about the end of Freedom of Movement. For European Waves I help run the website, the socials, and bit of copy editing .

Maryse Boonstra

(2020-2022, Prague-Leiden-Barcelona)

During my previous studies I focused mostly on European Culture, which made me look for the cultural motivations behind political decisions. I now like to put these observations in writing and make other people aware of them too. Alongside writing articles, I am part of the editing team of European Waves.

Mauricio Mandujano Manriquez

(2020-2022, Prague-Krakow-Leiden)

In a nutshell, I’d describe myself as a global citizen. I’m keenly interested in how societies across countries and continents solve problems through human ingenuity. Hence, Europe is the ideal place to further my curiosity. Before joining the EPS master’s program, I graduated Magna Cum Laude in International Relations from the Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico. Currently, I am a writer for European Waves and in my leisure time, I enjoy coding and watching sci-fi series.

Ruben Sansom

(2020-2022, Prague-Leiden-Barcelona)

Having concentrated on European history and political philosophy during my bachelor’s degree at Maastricht University, I decided to take the European element to the next level and study throughout the continent. As a massive railway enthusiast, you won’t catch me taking a plane to any of my university destinations though! I write articles for European Waves, as well as working on the website

Sandra Colín

(2020-2022, Prague-Leiden-Krakow)

I studied International Relations in Mexico City with a specialization in International Organizations’ Management in Germany. And well, apparently I don’t know how to keep myself in just one place and decided to embark myself in this amazing journey that has been the EPS Master. As an article writer in European Waves I’m looking forward to constructing bridges between the two regions where my heart is, Latin America and Europe! By the way, I’m always talking about how much I miss tacos and tequila.

Olha Kotielnikova

(2020-2022, Prague-Leiden-Prague)

As a Ukrainian, I have always been fascinated by how people live overseas. Starting from pen-pals, learning languages to bachelor’s international relations, I enrolled in the EPS Master’s. I value scientific knowledge, so I earnestly approach my political science studies and natural sciences in my spare time. For the blog, I carefully aspire to recap my interest in people’s lives around the world.

Paulina Frank

(2021-2023, Prague-Leiden-Barcelona)

I’ve lived and studied five years in Paris before and this experience not only shaped me into an open-minded and independent person, it also sparked my great interest in politics and society in Europe. The EPS Master combines my curiosity for cultures and languages, my passion for travelling and further enables me to live the real European exchange. 

I am mainly part of the European Waves’ Illustration and Communication Team but I also help with writing articles.

Catherine Wood

(2021-2023, Prague- Krakow-Leiden)

After completing my Bachelor’s in International Relations at Boston University, I spent time teaching English in France and then working in health care philanthropy in Boston. I’m excited to be back in Europe studying a subject I’m so passionate about, and getting to know my wonderful peers. I work as a writer and editor on European Waves. Outside of class, I enjoy playing GeoGuessr, listening to music, and watching bad reality TV.

Greta Scott

(2021-2023, Prague-Krakow-Barcelona)

During my bachelor’s, I had the unique opportunity to live and study in two different countries. Once I graduated, I knew I wanted to keep travelling and learning new languages. I am fascinated by Central and Eastern Europe, so when I saw the EPS programme, I felt like it was made for me! Being part of European Waves is a great way to learn more about European affairs. Here, I am the founder-organiser of the Podcast and I also write a few articles.

Nicole Molinari

(2021-2023, Prague- Krakow-Leiden)

I completed my bachelor in international studies and European institutions in Milan, during which I also had the opportunity to go on Erasmus in France. After this, I realised that I wanted to live abroad again, and I am so lucky to be part of the EPS programme which combines a great international experience with my passion for European studies. In my previous studies I was part of a student association as a writing contributor, so I wanted to do something similar also during my master – and here comes European Waves!