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The Netherlands, 17 January 2022: Artists, theatres and hairdressers all over the country are participating in “Hairdresser Theatre” a protest action organised by theatre maker Diederik

46 years after the constitution of the Sahrawi Arab Republic, the Western Sahara conflict remains unresolved. The latest communications that have come to light between the

How are this year’s Hungarian elections different? Can Putin’s war in Ukraine cost Viktor Orbán his re-election? Why is Orbán’s opposition running on a joint list?

On the 31st of January, Greta Scott and Aria Guevara interviewed Jakub Klepal, Executive Director of the Forum 2000 Foundation, on the role of the NGO

Despite the promises of the 1994 UNDP Report, the shift in international security towards a full-on embrace of human security has proven elusive. Instead, the sovereign

On January 17-18 the Barcelona Research Seminar took place. Over the course of two days, students from both the EPS first and second year present their

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